When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, negotiations can take the enjoyment out of the whole car-buying experience.  Often you leave wondering if in fact you did get the best deal.  Many people do not know that using an auto broker is even an option.  At IAG, we do the grunt work for you.  We make purchasing or leasing your vehicle stress-free.  Simply put, we manage the entire process for you on your behalf.  All you have to do is tell us what type of vehicle you are looking for and we find it for you through our large network of dealers, we negotiate the best possible price and do comparisons, assist with having your credit run once instead of at every lot you visit, and secure financing for you – all while you are going about your life.  When you arrive at the dealership we make sure the vehicle of your choice is washed and ready to go the moment your paperwork is completed. We save you time and effort from having to drive from one dealership to another only to get the run-around because we have access to many dealership’s inventory base.  We save you money because we are able to get discounted broker pricing which allows us to pass along the savings to our customers.  Our dedication and solid relationships with these dealers makes it easier to get your new car onto your driveway.  The best part is that this is all done at no cost to you, the consumer.



What qualifies us to provide you with personalized auto buying service? IAG was founded by an industrious salesman at one of the nation’s most prestigious Lexus dealerships.  He had a vision to bring almost any make, model, and brand to the table.  He, along with the entire staff, are car enthusiasts above all else. Couple that with professional sales experience, expert customer service, and an overall passion for success, and you have a crew at your disposal to assist you in finding your next automobile.  We offer personalized, white-glove service and we stop at nothing to ensure that your car-buying experience is pleasant and worry-free.  In fact, we don’t have a need for advertising because our business is based solely on repeat (loyal) customers and new referrals.  From Aston-Martin to Volkswagen, new or certified pre-owned, leasing or purchasing, let International Auto Gallery put our knowledge, reputation, and connections to the test for you.

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